Ak Pagla Beta
"Ek din matir bhetore hobe ghor,
re mon amar, keno bandho dalan ghor?"

luxebebe22 replied to your post: I’m on my conference call with liberal…

Omgggggg #TheDraggings #TheLashings #TheApplause

I’m on my conference call with liberal Zionists who think they are honest in their approach to fighting poverty. And I’m behaving so rudely toward them I feel like Hrithik Roshan in that interview with NDTV where he wore oversize aviator sunglasses to an indoor interview and all you could see was his facial hair.

I’ve been helping my friend with his medical school personal statement for the past two months or so, and with all due respect each draft is worse than the one before. Normally, I would just be like “omg well it’s a lot better you should submit!!” and be done with it. But this is one of my best friends, and someone who has always been there for me through thick and thin for the past eight years, so I have a huge emotional investment in his well being and his future. I don’t want him to submit a shitty draft but like, it’s just not getting better and I am almost at my wits end. But we’re going to get through this. Dammit.

OMG there is a guy here who looks just like Hugh Jackman. I kind of wanna walk up to him and ask him to flash me his huge ackman would that be rude

I want thick cut fries with fry sauce, and sticky barbecue chicken. With cold coleslaw and macaroni salad. tbh

All these ppl sending fruit asks… please use trigger warnings fruit is a slur against my people. Go to heck y’all.

The acrobatic theme in Malang is basically what Baawre from Luck By Chance tried and failed to create. Aamir Khan is always better.

Anonymous :  Do you live in bangladesh?? I live there and lately I'm coming across so many Bengalis here and it's making me so excited

No sorry I live here

My father has 13 wives and I have 30 half siblings. I live in a detached hut with my mother and five first siblings, much in the same nature that Okonkwo’s wives and children lived in separate huts behind his own. During the summer months I am allowed to unbutton my shirt and loosen my suspenders. During the winter months I mine coal. I pray that the Gospel will be sent your way so that you may abandon your heathen people and join the Righteous. x

I noticed the Yasmin Mogahed hate on my dashboard disappeared as soon as Samira Cortez was exposed. Which makes me believe that most of y’all actually like her….. pls unfollow me. This is Ramadan, I’m just trying to cleanse myself of your fake presences.

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